Infusionsoft Spotlight: The 'Jermaine Griggs' Story

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Infusionsoft Spotlight: The 'Jermaine Griggs' Story

Several months ago, Infusionsoft came to my home and re-taped another interview. This time, we captured more "personal" aspects and benefits of an automated business. I just got word editing has been completed and wanted to share with you the finished work. Hope you enjoy...

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6 Responses to “Infusionsoft Spotlight: The 'Jermaine Griggs' Story”

  1. Very cool Jermaine! Your automation clinic course really shows you know how to implement what you did for HearandPlay

    • J Griggs (PERMALINK)

      Thanks Paul! Glad you're enjoying the course.

  2. I love this Jermaine! And oh my goodness, your kids are too precious! What a beautiful family you have, it is so fun to see them on camera!



  3. Very inspirational and lucrative course Jeramine. Its amazing how such a young guy like yourself has reached this far in succes keep it the great work

  4. What a beautiful family! Congratulations - you certainly deserve all good things. I'm going to follow your model - all the way - thanks so much for sharing your story and your information. (I'm doing Video #3 tomorrow, and thrilled with #1 and #2)

    btw- you have a different email in my AutomationClinic membership profile - use THAT one, not the one above (wasn't sure if the email would show on the page, so filled in your form with the email address that doesn't download so I don't get swamped and overwhelmed - just in case the spammers are trolling)
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
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