The Sale Doesn't Start Until They Say "No"

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The Sale Doesn't Start Until They Say 'No.'

This was a phrase I coined at Infusioncon 2011 during the Ultimate Marketer competition and I repeated it in my keynote at this year's event.

It's true though. The sale doesn't start until the prospect or customer says "no"... especially "maybe."

So many people think they're sales professionals. And up until the tank of the economy, there was no evidence to suggest they weren't. People and businesses had twice as much credit as income, homes were being refinanced and cashed out at alarming rates, and consumers had no qualms about spending. Quite frankly, you probably didn't have to "sell" much. Most "sales professionals" were glorified order-takers.

But as Dan Kennedy argues, "This new economy has flushed out the bottom-third of everything." Bottom-third salespeople, employees, vendors, and suppliers have all but disappeared. The good news is there's now LESS competition in most industries for the real skilled professionals who are still left. According to Kennedy, entire industries have been wiped out. Not a measly 10% decline but 50 to 70% population declines. That's because most people weren't selling to begin with and when time came to really work for business, they split. "No" scared them.

In Triggers, Joe Sugarman talks about overcoming objections when they arise. Not "if" they arise... WHEN they arise. If you're only relying on the prospects who are ready to buy, you're limiting yourself to a very small percentage of people. At any given time, certain folks are ready to buy (and quite frankly don't need YOU), others are thinking about buying, most haven't thought about buying, and some will never buy. Using intelligent and automated followup to continually build rapport, overcome objections, and step inside the conversation your prospect is having in their mind is essential to converting those lukewarm prospects.

Without this mindset, you're destined to fall into the bottom-third abyss, where you'll meet all the other victims who've jumped ship willingly.

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  1. You coined that phrase? It was the title of a 1953 book!

    • J Griggs (PERMALINK)

      If it was, google or amazon sure don't know. :-). I've re-birthed it, then, if that makes you happy!


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