Automation Mondays - "The Single Ingredient That Separates High Achievers From Average Performers"

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Automation Mondays -

Would you be surprised to know there is a single element that separates high-achieving online marketers from the rest? Tune in to learn what most successful marketers have in common.

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1 Response to “Automation Mondays - "The Single Ingredient That Separates High Achievers From Average Performers"”

  1. Hi Jermaine - great video.

    The challenge I have is that in my hands, automation takes time - even if I keep a campaign fairly simple, getting all the little pieces working together right is sometimes a week or more of dedicated work. And that's on top of my ongoing work with clients and etc (which often extends it to several weeks).

    So I often feel that I'm slow, and get stuck in a cycle of judgement about that.

    How long does it take you to implement a full campaign, e.g. webinar invitations, integration with a webinar service, webinar attendance messages, webinar followup sequences (as evergreen)?


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