Let Technology Solve The Puzzle

It's widely agreed that "face-to-face" selling trumps most other mediums.

It's also pretty obvious that "face-to-face" selling doesn't scale very well. There's only so many hours in the day, only so many presentations you can line up, only so many quotes you can prepare, only so many phone calls you can make. Add in the all-too-common mistake of not adequately qualifying prospects and you can clearly see why most businesses struggle to make ends meet.

The next best thing to face-to-face selling is using media to do all or most of the work for you. Granted, conversion rates aren't as high but what you lose in conversions, you most definitely gain in volume and frequency. Instead of showing up to 6 appointments per day, you could have 1,000 letters in the mail essentially making the same presentation "in print" that you'd make in person. Or you could drive prospects to a website and essentially make your same presentation in video format, only meeting with prospects who have seen your entire presentation, filled out a form, and meet the qualifications.

The next stage is automating the entire process. Having media exponentially replace or duplicate your efforts is great but having automated systems in place to move prospects and clients from one stage to another is when you realize breakthrough results.

At Hearandplay.com, a multi-million dollar business, 95% of orders are made online with no human interaction whatsoever. From the time they give us a simple e-mail address in exchange for 4 free video lessons to the point where they are ready to pay for a premium program, our automated system is taking care of everything.

If they sign up and don't watch any of the videos, the automated system sends them an e-mail reminding them to watch the video. If they sign up and watch the first video as planned, the automated system queues the next video and invites them to check it out. After a few days, they are offered a cd program in the mail. Then a workbook. Then an online training program, etc.

If enrolled in a monthly program, their credit card is automatically billed. If there is a problem charging them, they are automatically e-mailed to update their information. Repeat credit card attempts occur without interaction. Direct mail is sent out at regular intervals, et al. And the best part is, this - and much more - happens automatically without human involvement.

For a free 4-video preview series from my "Peak Potential Profits" Home Study Course, click here. If you want to start exploring the possibilities of automation in your business, consider a strategy session today. To check out the automation platform I personally use, click here.
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