"Here's Where The
Top Infusionsoft Users Hang Out"

Dear Marketer,

Thanks for your interest in my newest project.

This letter isn't filled with hype nor am I putting much copywriting prowess into it. Because quite frankly, this isn't for 9 out of 10 people.

And for the 1 out of 10 people who will qualify, by the very nature of how you think, it will be pretty clear... very soon ... whether or not you should join me.

In fact, without a launch... without jv partners... without a lot of noise, I've already managed to fill majority of the seats with happy, existing clients and a couple newcomers to the fold. Folks who clearly see the value in what I bring to the marketplace.

That leaves about a few more dozen seats available... that I'm confident, will be filled by serious folks reading this letter.

But think about it...

How much have you been e-mailed and bombarded while I've filled these early seats? The answer is: not much.

Because I don't take that approach. In my music and other related niches, while my peers are launching a new product every month and tiring their lists, I've got evergreen systems set up and hardly ever have to send one-off broadcasts.

I'm not saying broadcasts and launches are bad. I'm just saying --- there's a smarter way to work... and it doesn't involve all that.

But I digress.

The new project I'm talking about is the "Pinnacle Club."

It's my inner circle group of marketers who want front row, "over the shoulder" access to my secret lab of marketing strategies, tactics, tools, and philosophies aimed at skyrocketing net profit by marketing smarter, not harder.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of pinnacle is:

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 8.32.57 PM


I don't make very many promises but my "promise" for this special group is nothing less than the aforementioned definition.

What we'll cover in this program, and most importantly, the tools and technologies I'll expose you to, is the highest form of marketing and automation you'll find in the entire community. I know that's a bold statement but I've got a few accolades to back it up. 🙂

I don't talk about this much but I was one of the first to introduce one-click upsales to the marketplace in... wait for it... 2002! By 2007, I was on stage at Yanik Silver's Internet Underground seminar showing an audience of 800+ how to do it in 1shoppingcart, a service, that at the time, offered nothing of that sort.

But in classic "Jermaine Griggs" fashion, I had figured out how to customize the system to include on-page upsales, backend one-click upsales, and all sorts of enhancements and customizations. Infusionsoft soon won me over and let's just say 1shoppingcart.com eventually released their 1-click upsale technology but it was 2 years too late to save this customer.

Incidentally, that Underground Seminar awarded me "Marketer of the Year" in 2007 and I'd go on to host a $7997.00 workshop here in my home town of Orange County for a private group. I'd later take a break from speaking and return to become Infusionsoft's "Ultimate Marketer" in 2011.

I don't say this to impress you but to make Wayne Gretzky's point. And I quote:

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." -Wayne Gretzky


I play this marketing game where the puck is going. I've always played the game that way.

The only difference now is that I'm allowing a few folks into the huddle to learn and benefit from the strategies and tools I privately use and have developed.

Listen, I consider the whole "marketing & automation" thing in its infancy stages. Infusionsoft recently received $50 million more in capital and is poised to grow like wildfire. If not already, soon, your competitors will be hearing about them and entering this game. Where you'll be skating depends on you.

You can play it where the puck is. Or you can join me in getting and staying ahead. Being innovative. Taking foundational principles that will never change and strategically automating them.

One well known marketer that you'd most likely know by name said to me the other day: "The difference in me and you is that I'll come up with great ideas but you'll actually take your ideas and automate the heck out of em."

I have the utmost respect for this fella (just in case he's reading!)...

But he's right.

Imagine an idea that doesn't just remain an idea, but gets immediately put in place in an evergreen way that gets seen by everyone because it's placed inside a "system."

Let me make this plain for you.

Top Marketers

Most top marketers will have a great idea. A great e-mail. A great sales letter or launch idea. They'll execute it. It'll bring in loads of finite cash.

Then they throw it out like a stinky bag of trash and on to the next idea.

My Approach

I view that great idea, that great e-mail, that great sales letter or launch as an asset.

I get the same ideas. The only difference is: I've got an automated system to plug it into (some spanning 170+ steps and years into the future).


Whereas the finite launch or promotion will only get seen by the available number of current eyeballs, my evergreen, automated promotion will always get seen as step #10 (for example) or, more intelligently, by prospects who meet X, Y, and Z requirements. In the spirit of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," that asset continues to work for me.

Making sense?

Imagine A Big Idea Every Month


The Pinnacle Club is going to provide a big idea every month.

It's not a typical membership site that throws a bunch of random content and ideas at you. Every month is centered around a primary theme aimed at skyrocketing net profit.

What's more, I throw in a tool or software platform from my "secret lab" that's usually worth multiple thousands of dollars (at least, that's what I pay to develop EACH of these tools, on average).

Here's an example of one...


It's a custom-build dashboard I had designed for me in 2010 that tracks every single marketing number in my business, automatically graphs it, makes calculations and formulas, allows me to drill down by day/week/month/year or any specified time period, is customizable, and most importantly, e-mails me selected pages nightly, weekly, and monthly.

"Gotta know your numbers. Gotta get your game plan together," shouts the guru.

But I'm not just preaching, "you need to know your numbers." How about giving you a robust, sophisticated tool I've invested $3000.00 to build? It's yours.

That's month 1.

Let's not even talk about state-of-the-art upselling, psychic selling tools that put the RIGHT offer in front of your prospect or customer at the RIGHT TIME, strategic redirecting, and all the stuff I've got planned for the subsequent months.

I'll say it again...

Every month is a game-changer.

Things that will change the way you do business long after you've ceased paying me. Like a refrigerator magnet, you'll remember me because the things I'll introduce you to are EVERGREEN... systematic... and are not here today and gone tomorrow.

Here's what the Pinnacle Club entails:

1) Monthly training module aimed at one dominant theme ($697.00/month value)

2) Accompanying custom-built software platform/tool like my "Stats Dashboard" or my never-before-shared "Upsale on steroids" system or my "Show the best offer" tool that actually picks the offer your customer sees based on any number of characteristics. I'm talking about stuff Infusionsoft doesn't even know is possible! ($1000.00 - $1500.00 + /month value)

3) Monthly Q&A & Direct Feedback Webinar where I tackle your questions, most pressing concerns, clarify, examine your situations, and give further insights ($197.00/month value)

4) Closed, Private Facebook group and internal members-only forum to mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs and marketers on the same path. (Priceless)

5) Full Day Seminar/Workshop the day before Infusioncon. Recorded for non-attendees. ($1997.00 value)

6) One member is randomly selected for 1 hour consultation at the end of each month's Q&A webinar. ($1250.00 value potentially)

7) One FREE plugin from my existing plugin library (30 and counting) per month ($197+ /month value). This is in addition to the game-changing tool/software that you're given as the main content for the month.

8) Archives of all past month's content. (priceless)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 9.47.55 PM

The annual value of this program is $27,089.00.

And this isn't "marketing" or puffery. Feel free to visit my consulting page to see my current rates. This is what people pay. In fact, here are 30 of them that I took out for dinner on day one of Infusioncon.

If anything, the value figure is low-balled as I'm 100% confident if you apply my game-changing strategies and technologies, you'll see dramatic changes in your business.

Your investment to be a charter member of the Pinnacle Club is just $349.00/month.

And best of all, there are no obligations or commitments to be in this program. I'm not begging for your money nor do I need it.

If anything, I've set the price just high enough to keep all the whiners and complainers out but low enough to make it an absolute steal for someone who's got a real business and sees this as a drop in the bucket. (So far, I must say it's been working well as I've only attracted the highest caliber of entrepreneurs and marketers... you'll meet em once you get invited to the private facebook group and at the Infusioncon event, if you should decide to attend).

Our 'No Terms' Guarantee

There is no 12-month commitment. I put all the burden on me to prove myself anew each and every month. If I don't deliver, you can disenroll at any time by e-mail or phone and keep access to the material downloaded, scripts/software, and more.

Additionally, I'll cover your first 60 days in the program. That means, if you aren't absolutely blown away, cancel by 60 days and I'll refund you for the months paid. After 60 days, you can cancel at any time but will not receive refund for past months (material/tools are yours to keep).

If I were on the other side of this letter, my thought process would be something like this:

"Heck, for $349, I'll join for the first month, feel my way around, and if I don't choose to stay, I still get a revolutionary dashboard platform out of it plus world-class instruction by Infusionsoft's 'Ultimate Marketer'... and maybe even his "Upsale on Steroids" system if I stay a little longer. Where can I even go buy tools like that for this low amount?"

There's a word for this. Or maybe two words. I wasn't paying much attention in English class but it's called...


If you're 9 out of the 10 people this isn't for, I sincerely appreciate your time. Perhaps, one day, this opportunity will be a better fit for you.

If you're the 1 out of 10 people I'm looking for, I formally invite you to register below. You will not regret it (and that's a promise).

1) Monthly training module aimed at one dominant theme
2) Accompanying custom-built software platform/tool
3) Monthly Q&A & Direct Feedback Webinar
4) Closed, Private Facebook group
5) Full Day Seminar/Workshop the day before Infusioncon. Recorded for non-attendees.
6) One member is randomly selected for 1 hour consultation at the end of each month's Q&A webinar.
7) One FREE plugin from my existing plugin library (30 and counting) per month
8) Archives of all past month's content. (priceless)


Here's what happens next:

1) Click here to register for the program.

2) You'll receive an e-mail with your username, password, and access to the program.

3) Log-in, consume the monthly modules, download the dashboard platform, and start putting these game changing ideas to work for you starting now.

4) Request acceptance to the private facebook group where you'll meet and interact with the others.

5) Write down the date/time for the next Q&A and Direct Feedback webinar

6) Prepare to be blown away and introduced to a whole new level of marketing automation.

I look forward to meeting you in the program.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 10.15.11 PM

To Your Success,


“What I love about my sports car is the idea that a team of experts hand crafted every inch of it, from design, engineering and development. But imagine if just one man had the brilliance to do all of that and more. That describes the genius of Jermaine's ideas and strategies. We hired Jermaine to help us design, develop and engineer our funnel, and he is like the 'Einstein' of the marketing funnel. His intricate knowledge of automating the marketing funnel while still keeping the human touch intertwined, is his brilliance. He's a true gentleman and we feel privileged to be his client.”
Ari Galper, UnlockTheGame.com

“Jermaine Griggs is the reason we joined Infusionsoft.”
Daymond John, ABC's 'Shark Tank' & Founder of Fubu