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2-Hour Webinar Recording On What I Call “360 Degree Marketing”

The guys over at Automize recently invited me to do a webinar that I want to share with you. It’s entitled, “360 Degree Marketing – How To Strategically Surround Your Prospects & Customers With Multi-Channel Communications & Follow-Up.” What started as a 60 minute presentation spanned 2 hours with a little Q&A at the end. Really good stuff. Check it out:

  • Trevor Mauch says:

    It was great having you on Jermaine!

    It was a great call and some high level stuff, our members loved ya!

    Have a great week man!


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  • Matthew says:

    Great stuff Jermaine…

    It is always inspiring to see other people having success and
    going to the next level.

    I love the way you are using infusionsoft, and how you explain
    it in a simple manner. I have been exposed to infusion for over
    7 years.

    I can relate to your story…We have a lot in common…from
    upbringing in inner city…PPL…and just always looking for ways
    to make money growing up.

    Look forward to more of your training!

    • J Griggs says:

      A pleasure to meet you Matthew. Thanks for your kind comments. Where can I learn more about your business? Would love to check you out. At any rate, keep up the great work sir.

      • Matthew says:

        Here is 3-min clip from a recent TV Segment & overview of my program

        Here is info about myself and my company

        Thanks for the words of encouragement!

        • J Griggs says:

          Ahh yes, I’m familiar with you from facebook. We’re friends. Enjoyed your news segment and I agree! Also, there’s another brother using Infusionsoft (Lamar Tyler) who gets similar PR like you… focusing on black marriage. You’ve got the home ownership niche, he’s got the marriage. I bet there’s some synergy to be had there.

          At any rate, thanks for following me here. Hope to continue to provide value to you and others as it relates to infusionsoft, automation, and strategic marketing. Keep up the great work.


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