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The Problem With “One Size Fits All” Marketing

You’ve heard me say it before: “If you’re not collecting data, you’re forced to communicate with everyone the same.” That statement certainly rings true in this example submitted by Peak Potential Profits member “Nick Liberati.” It’s an e-mail he received from the club he belongs to wishing everyone born in April a “Happy Birthday.” The problem is: […]

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Marketing Sherpa’s E-mail Summit 2012 Presentation

I was recently invited back to Marketing Sherpa’s E-mail Summit 2013 after rave reviews the previous year. Looks like they released this video of me to promote this year’s event. I recently stumbled across it online and would like to share it with you! Presentation: “Personal vs. Robotic: How to turn automated email into personal experiences […]

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Infusionsoft Users: Advanced Behavioral Marketing & How To Mimic Amazon

The other day, I got a weird e-mail from Amazon titled “Bread Machines.” “That’s weird… I have absolutely no interest in bread machines. Maybe Amazon’s finally gotten it wrong,” I thought. Until I asked my wife. And sure enough, unbeknownst to me, she was on her iphone logged in under our Amazon account shopping for bread machines the […]

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How to Choreograph Your Marketing

In dance, a choreographer’s job is to plan and arrange the dance steps, movements, and patterns so that everyone is in sync. The opposite of choreography would be freestyling. Most businesses approach their marketing and sales process in a “freestyle” manner. They pay for ads (without tracking), get “professional” websites designed without emphasis on sales/lead generation/conversion/metrics… […]

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2-Hour Webinar Recording On What I Call “360 Degree Marketing”

The guys over at Automize recently invited me to do a webinar that I want to share with you. It’s entitled, “360 Degree Marketing – How To Strategically Surround Your Prospects & Customers With Multi-Channel Communications & Follow-Up.” What started as a 60 minute presentation spanned 2 hours with a little Q&A at the end. Really […]

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