Are You Making It Too Hard To Do Business With You? –

Are You Making It Too Hard To Do Business With You?

A buddy sent this to me on facebook and while I don't normally post things like this, I found this "looking for work" craigslist ad pretty hilarious and want to spotlight the business implications.  Could probably also post this to my Hearandplay folks and get a good laugh. But it poses the serious question: "Are you making it too hard for people to do business with you?"

Obviously this is a joke (or maybe not… who knows) but it exaggerates something many business owners are guilty of. I had one business tell me to “call back” on 3 separate occasions instead of simply grabbing my information and having the right person call me back. I chased them down 3 times before giving up. Lost money.

There are rare cases where making clients jump through hoops can be strategically employed. For example, when selling really high end, exclusive programs or when you’re so busy and your reputation is such that you *MUST* turn groves of people away regularly. But for most transactions – especially everyday, typical ones – you must put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and make sure your sales process is fluid. This ad may be funny but many of us do this in less obvious ways more often than we think and it not only results in the loss of the immediate sale but the potential lifetime customer.

You don’t get a customer to make a sale, you make a sale to get a CUSTOMER and when you realize that, you’ll be adamant about ironing out any and all wrinkles in your process.

  • Justin says:

    I’m shoulder-bounce laughing right now after reading that ad! Hilarious.

    • J Griggs says:

      Justin, glad you enjoyed this one! Made me laugh out loud too when I read it!

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