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Automating Tasks For Phone Reps

One of my favorites features of Infusionsoft is the “tasks” system. It absolutely revolutionized how my customer service reps organized and completed tasks throughout the day.

Before Infusionsoft, many of these tasks simply didn’t exist. Rather than being proactive, we waited for customers to contact us. My reps would start the day not knowing what they’d encounter. Like many small businesses, we were primarily reactive. If the phone rang a lot or if e-mails poured into the help desk, they were busy. If phones didn’t ring or e-mails were dry, they were probably gossiping (just keeping it real).

Finding reps that didn’t gossip was the first change (thank you, “Topgrading“). Then, a few years later, enter Infusionsoft to save the day! Now, our reps log in and can see all the tasks waiting for them.

Most tasks deal with declined credit cards and problematic orders. If they are a sales rep, the tasks would include people who have reached a certain step in our sales process (watched all 4 lead generation videos, requested assistance with buying decision, finished sales presentation, clicked last 7 of 10 e-mails, past specific milestone, etc.).

But the best part is what happens after they talk to the customer. In Infusionsoft, you can setup “Completion Scenarios” with actions ready to fire when a particular option is chosen.

The phone rep simply chooses a completion scenario and the system does the rest. If they choose “Called; left message,” the system will automatically send an e-mail from the phone rep to the recipient titled, “Sorry, I missed you.” If they choose, “Called; left message,” an e-mail titled “Great speaking with you” will be sent with follow up instructions. If they choose, “Invalid phone #,” it will send an e-mail asking them to confirm or update their profile information.

Each and every one of these completion scenarios is tied to an e-mail and further actions. If follow-up is needed in 7 days, not only will the “Great speaking with you” e-mail be sent but a future task will be created with a due date of one week later. What’s exciting about this is that you set it up once (which doesn’t take as long as it looks), and it works forever. Long after you’ve forgotten what each completion scenario does, your reps will be continually using it. Do you see how powerful this is?

The system can be as wild and intricate or as simple as you want. You can plan out every scenario you can think of with subsequent actions connected or can simply tackle your top 3. The power lies in your hands.

Until next time, JG.


  • Hi Jermaine, this is a great tip and something I’d love to implement. Are there any good tutorials available on the InfusionSoft site that you would recommend to get started on this? I’ve played around with tasks a bit but have not quite figured out how to get them to work. Thanks from an Infusion newbie!

    • J Griggs says:

      Thank you Carmen.

      That is surely coming next. A members-only area with step-by-step “in the trenches” tutorials and videos. Stay tuned.

      Keep up the great work. You won’t be a newbie for long.

      • Awesome. I’m totally inspired by what you’re doing with InfusionSoft. In fact, I’m making your 2011 keynote video required watching for our staff members this week so we can discuss it at next week’s staff meeting. I’m trying to get our whole team to think the Infusion way! 🙂

        • J Griggs says:

          Thank you Carmen. I believe the 2012 videos are available too at . I may be bias, but I like my 2012 presentation better. They gave me almost 60 minutes. Check out that one too if you get a chance.

          Keep up the great work and let me know if I can answer any questions for you or your team.


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