Automation Mondays – “Own The Herd” –

Automation Mondays – “Own The Herd”

“He or she who owns the herd, wins!” Learn to shift focus from platforms where you only borrow influence to list building where you own and control the communication and relationship with your prospects and clients. Studies show that some Facebook pages are only reaching 2 to 6% of their fans organically. If you want to avoid being prisoner to such circumstances, tune in and learn how to own and grow your own herd.

  • Luca says:

    Jermain! you are not the Marketer of the Year, you are THE marketer of the entire human history!

  • Lisa Bell says:

    Hi Jermaine:

    Thank you and makes sense!! You are a great teacher and your information solves problems and open eyes!!


  • Gerald says:

    I am a budding entrepreneur with a coffee company. I have a powerful Vision but I lack a lot of the funding and social media-savvy it takes 2 boost sales. Also I am still learning how to build a team so maybe you can show me some of your techniques to inspire a true following…

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