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If They Don’t Consume, You Don’t Get Paid Again

It is a dire mistake to assume just because someone buys your product, it will be consumed. The sad reality is most people don’t consume the products they purchase. Some industries play to this and thus rely largely on one-time sales instead of repeat purchases. Like the fitness industry — most design their workout equipment to […]

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An Almost Guaranteed 95% Open Rate…

Here at, I’ve been averaging 40-45% open rates with around 25-30% clickthrough rates. For example, in my recent “10 Infusionsoft Commandments” e-mail sent 3 days ago, I got a 47.33% open rate with a 37.26% clickthrough rate. These numbers only grow as time progresses. In an online landscape where average open rates sit at 24% […]

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90-Minute Video: Infusionsoft Mastermind Webinar

Jordan Hatch invited me to lecture on a weekly Infusionsoft mastermind webinar. In fact, because he didn’t send out the reminder e-mails the first week, he brought me back for another week (I didn’t mind — double the exposure!). The topic: “The Art Of Effective Data Collection” (90 minutes). Enjoy! (Press button in far bottom right […]

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10 Infusionsoft Commandments For Maximum Effectiveness

A client recently asked about my personal best practices for Infusionsoft. So I’ve decided to organize them into what I’m calling my “10 Infusionsoft Commandments.” I’m pretty sure this list isn’t exhaustive but will provide you with a nice little perspective on how I approach marketing automation with the app.   Commandment #1 – “Thou Shalt Collect […]

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We’re All In The Information Business

I’ve long preached that EVERYONE should be in the “information” business, regardless of your industry or profession.Why? Because regardless of what you do, there’s information and knowledge to be dispensed. If you’re in a business that, at any point, requires you to answer questions from prospects and customers, you meet the qualifications. The specific company eludes me […]

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