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Recycling Steps In Your Sequence For Maximum Effectiveness

[i4w_individualized_greeting textparm=’there’] are many reasons you’d want to recycle steps in your [contentblock id=13 img=html.png]. One reason might be if they haven’t taken the necessary action in an e-mail. It’s a grave error to assume they are not interested just because they don’t click. People have busy lives and sometimes your messages are simply overlooked. […]

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The 4-Step Video Strategy

While I won’t take credit for the automated 4-step video process, I’ve definitely been using and publicizing my use of it for a while and have seen many sites follow suit. It involves offering 4 free videos in exchange for name, e-mail, and sometimes a couple additional questions in drop-down menus. But be careful; generally, […]

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On Taking Immediate Action

I’m often asked how I get so much done. And the answer is simple: I take immediate action while the desire and idea is hot. Jim Rohn says it best in his book, Leading An Inspired Life, when he writes: “Discipline is a constant awareness of the need for action paired with a conscious act to […]

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Using Offline Channels To Convert Leads And Encourage Repeat Purchases

I’ve used off and on for about 8 years now. From Birthdays and Anniversaries to Mother’s Day and Thank You gifts, I’m no stranger. But out of all my purchases and interactions with them over the years, today was the first time I’ve received a phone call prompting me to order a Mother’s Day gift […]

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How To Make 16 Times More Money

First off, this isn’t hype, especially if you subscribe to the Pareto Principle, which states “20% of causes are responsible for 80% of effects.” I discussed this in depth in my free report, but I’ll summarize in this post. 16X is a principle made popular by Richard Koch, in his book “The Breakthrough Principle Of 16X.” He […]

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