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Brad Martineau Interviews Me

After winning Infusionsoft’s Ultimate Marketer 2011, early employee and brother to co-founder, Brad Martineau (founder of Sixth Division) flew to Orange County to pick my brain. We discussed traffic, lead generation, sales funnels, and more. Enjoy!  Jermaine Griggs

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The Presentation That Won Me Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer 2011

I know this is old but I just discovered the video recording of my 2011 Infusioncon presentation on vimeo so I thought I’d share it here. This was the presentation that won me “Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer 2011” and is packed with tons of strategic marketing and automation principles and techniques. Enjoy! Short interview after finding […]

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What Marketing Automation Really Is…

Many things might come to mind when you think of marketing automation. Of course, it involves using technology to follow-up with customers automatically. Experts say it takes at least 7 exposures for someone to consider your offer (not buy, but merely consider) and only relying on the very small percentage of folks (~1%) who are […]

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Jermaine Griggs Interview On Mixergy

If you haven’t heard of, you’re in luck. Andrew Warner is one of the sharpest young entrepreneurs I know. In his early 20’s, he grew a company to $30 million in annual revenues. Now, he interviews the world’s top business leaders. Folks like Barbara Corcoran of Corcoran (and ABC’s “Shark Tank”), Jessica Jackley of […]

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What John Assaraf Thinks Of Jermaine Griggs &

I spent the day consulting with John Assaraf and his team at PraxisNow and here’s what he had to say about the automation strategies and tactics I shared.

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