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The Problem With “One Size Fits All” Marketing

You’ve heard me say it before: “If you’re not collecting data, you’re forced to communicate with everyone the same.” That statement certainly rings true in this example submitted by Peak Potential Profits member “Nick Liberati.” It’s an e-mail he received from the club he belongs to wishing everyone born in April a “Happy Birthday.” The problem is: […]

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How Facebook Used “Data” To Get Me To Promote A Post

If you’ve spent any time around here, you know I’m a huge proponent of data-driven marketing. This method involves collecting lots of internal and external data to personalize marketing communications, custom-tailor offers, and deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. Without data, you’re forced to speak to everyone the same, deliver messages at […]

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Infusionsoft Spotlight: The ‘Jermaine Griggs’ Story

Several months ago, Infusionsoft came to my home and re-taped another interview. This time, we captured more “personal” aspects and benefits of an automated business. I just got word editing has been completed and wanted to share with you the finished work. Hope you enjoy…

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5 Questions To Determine If You’re Using CRM As A Glorified Autoresponder

I was recently invited back to speak at’s “E-mail Summit 2013” (after delivering this presentation a year earlier) where I talked about 5 ways to know if you’re using your CRM as a glorified autoresponder.

They wrote this follow-up article synopsizing the first third of my presentation. Check it out.

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