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A Funny Domain Name Experience & Lessons Learned

Having shared my “HearandPlay” story for the last 10 years doesn’t come without complications. In fact, it’s probably inspired more competition than I’d ever imagine over the years. That’s okay — because I have an abundance-based mindset (not a scarcity-based one) and I’ve always been blessed for giving rather than keeping to myself. For a while […]

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Infusionsoft Users: Advanced Behavioral Marketing & How To Mimic Amazon

The other day, I got a weird e-mail from Amazon titled “Bread Machines.” “That’s weird… I have absolutely no interest in bread machines. Maybe Amazon’s finally gotten it wrong,” I thought. Until I asked my wife. And sure enough, unbeknownst to me, she was on her iphone logged in under our Amazon account shopping for bread machines the […]

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Infusionsoft Users: Introducing The Power of the “Anti-Goal”

In my short stint here at AutomationClinic, I’ve managed to coin a few original terms and philosophies of thinking as it relates to marketing automation. And they’ve really resonated with folks, so they tell me. Some include: “Scaling Personal Attention,” “The Orbit,” “Triangle Stack,” “Follow-Up Pyramid,” “Ideal Purchase Path,”  and quotes like “The sale doesn’t start until […]

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Are You Focusing Enough On List Building?

One of the biggest mistakes small and local businesses make is not putting enough emphasis on list building. Their websites are nothing more than glorified business cards. Regardless of what you sell, you should always be collecting information and building a list. Unfortunately, the days of “Sign Up For Updates” or “Join Our Mailing List” are […]

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Demographic Profiling vs. Behavioral Modeling

For the longest here, I’ve advocated collecting as much data as you can. I even did a 90-minute webinar with Infusionsoft exclusively on the topic. But collecting is only half of it. Finding ways to strategically use the data is the real goal. One such way is coming up with a customer profile. Here are two types:1) Demographic  – […]

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