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Organizing Your Follow-up And Figuring Out Your Ideal Purchase Path

If you haven’t figured it out, I like coining my own terms — unorthodox ways of thinking about business and marketing that really resonate with people. “Scaling Personal Attention,” “The Orbit,” “Triangle Stack,” and “Follow-Up Pyramid,” are a few. “Ideal Purchase Path” (I.P.P.) is another one. Sure, there are many other labels for it: sales funnel, sales process, […]

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How Amazon Uses “Recency” to Skyrocket Repeat Purchases

If you’ve seen me speak at any of the last 4 Infusionsoft events, you’ve probably heard me talk about RFM analysis. RFM stands for recency, frequency, and monetary. Recency asks the question: “How recently did customer purchase?” Frequency asks, “How often does customer purchase?” Monetary asks, “How much has customer spent?” I won’t discuss RFM analysis in […]

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The Power Of Sequentialism

In making sure “sequentialism” was indeed a word, I discovered in my research that it’s actually a philosophy that has implications in everything from politics to church planning. While I’m no expert in the philosophical aspect, I would like to shed some light on how sequentialism in your business practices can save you time and […]

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Using Follow-Up To Reverse Roles

In my experience, the worst thing you can do is “chase” a customer. Sure, it seems a little counter-intuitive considering most sales are generated in the follow-up. I’m not arguing the importance and effectiveness of follow up. In fact, I discuss why it’s vital here. You may have even seen statistics that reveal something like 80% […]

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Are You Making It Too Hard To Do Business With You?

A buddy sent this to me on facebook and while I don’t normally post things like this, I found this “looking for work” craigslist ad pretty hilarious and want to spotlight the business implications.  Could probably also post this to my Hearandplay folks and get a good laugh. But it poses the serious question: “Are […]

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