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Demographic Profiling vs. Behavioral Modeling

For the longest here, I’ve advocated collecting as much data as you can. I even did a 90-minute webinar with Infusionsoft exclusively on the topic. But collecting is only half of it. Finding ways to strategically use the data is the real goal. One such way is coming up with a customer profile. Here are two types:1) Demographic  – […]

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How To Automate Listening

It’s no surprise that face-to-face and phone sales trump other channels of communication (i.e. – web, direct mail, social media, etc). One of the obvious reasons is the unique ability to “listen” to how the prospect is responding to your proposition. Specifically, face-to-face takes it a step further and allows you to observe the nonverbal […]

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Tutorial: How To Use Infusionsoft Automation Links (Video)

In my 10 Infusionsoft Commandments, I talk about tracking every click. In fact, and I quote: “you should rarely be using the regular hyperlink tool in Infusionsoft. I only use it when pressed for time. And even then, I vow to correct it later.” “Every link sent in an e-mail should be an automation link. How else […]

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Why Implementation Services Are Not Enough

In my post, “Why You Must Follow Up With Prospects,” I talked about the “unconscious incompetence” stage of learning. It is essentially when we “don’t know what we don’t know.”  My two-year old daughter hasn’t yet realized the importance of tying her shoes. In this instance, she is in an unconscious incompetence stage. After falling […]

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90-Minute Video: Infusionsoft Mastermind Webinar

Jordan Hatch invited me to lecture on a weekly Infusionsoft mastermind webinar. In fact, because he didn’t send out the reminder e-mails the first week, he brought me back for another week (I didn’t mind — double the exposure!). The topic: “The Art Of Effective Data Collection” (90 minutes). Enjoy! (Press button in far bottom right […]

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