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How To Make 16 Times More Money

First off, this isn’t hype, especially if you subscribe to the Pareto Principle, which states “20% of causes are responsible for 80% of effects.” I discussed this in depth in my free report, but I’ll summarize in this post. 16X is a principle made popular by Richard Koch, in his book “The Breakthrough Principle Of 16X.” He […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Automated Voice Broadcasting

My own personal philosophy and definition of marketing automation is “scaling personal attention.” I believe nothing is a true substitute for live human interaction. The only problem is: It isn’t scalable. Unless you take care of the upper end of your market and your price points warrant personal attention, you’ll need to find a way to use […]

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Scared To Charge More? Check This Out!

I’m a big advocate of charging what you’re worth and refusing to play “follow-the-leader” or fight price wars in your market. Going for the lowest price is just another way of saying you’re not willing or able to be the better marketer. Sure, a small amount of folks buy on price alone but it’s not […]

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Papa John’s “Gets” Multi-Channel Follow-Up!

The power of multi-channel follow-up. Every Friday, without cease, I get a text message from Papa John’s at around 4pm advertising weekly specials. I guess they figure everyone’s thinking TGIF, no one wants to cook, and they are stepping right between the conversation we’re having in our mind. Right when my wife says, “Babes, let’s order […]

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