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Automation Mondays – The 4 P’s Of Picking A Niche Or Evaluating An Opportunity

In this episode, we touch on four important factors to consider when choosing a business niche/industry or evaluating a new idea or opportunity.

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Automation Mondays – “The Difference Between Activity and Productivity”

In this episode, we learn the difference between “activity” and “productivity” and the 4 rules you can start applying right now to multiply your results by 16x!

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Automation Mondays – “Own The Herd”

“He or she who owns the herd, wins!” Learn to shift focus from platforms where you only borrow influence to list building where you own and control the communication and relationship with your prospects and clients. Studies show that some Facebook pages are only reaching 2 to 6% of their fans organically. If you want to avoid being prisoner to such circumstances, tune in and learn how to own and grow your own herd.

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Who Are You Focusing On?

In Presidential Elections, it’s no surprise that the candidates focus most of their budget, human resources, and time on battleground or “swing” states. Why is that? It has something to do with Newton’s First Law of Motion:”An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in […]

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Is Your Ego Holding You Back From Maximizing Conversions?

I once heard the story of the wife of a successful businessman demanding that he print up “pretty” brochures so she could feel proud handing them out to her friends and fellow socialites every year at the local Country Club. The problem was — they didn’t make any sales and were only good for this […]

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