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Peter Drucker On “Efficiency vs. Effectiveness”

This post is short and sweet. After recently completing my free 26-pg report, “How To Harness The Power Of Automation To Make More While Working Less” (found at the top of every page), I’ve decided to take small excerpts from it to spotlight here. This one is a concept I first read in 2005 that […]

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Customer Service: Thinking Long Term

Not long ago we decided to move grandma (the same one who won the piano that got me started off the “Price Is Right” in the 70’s) to our second home here in Orange County. And in that decision, we had to rush to paint, fix little things, and lay new carpet. After buying our […]

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What Marketing Automation Really Is…

Many things might come to mind when you think of marketing automation. Of course, it involves using technology to follow-up with customers automatically. Experts say it takes at least 7 exposures for someone to consider your offer (not buy, but merely consider) and only relying on the very small percentage of folks (~1%) who are […]

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Jim Rohn’s Advice About The “80/20” Rule

I was listening to a Jim Rohn program today when he started talking about one of my favorite concepts: The 80/20 Rule. Simply put, 20% of our employees will usually be responsible for 80% of output. In a sales organization of 10, that’s 2 employees pulling most of the weight. In a factory of 100, […]

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Automation Doesn’t Just Save You Time… It Makes You Money

In my article, “Why You Can’t Just Work ‘In’ Your Business“, I talked about a concept known as “Opportunity Cost.” According to Investopedia, the definition of “Opportunity Cost” is: [quote]The cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an […]

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