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The Six Weapons of Influence

In this episode we dive deep into human interactions and talk about six different ways to communicate with and influence your audience.

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The Unobvious Case For Hyperfocused Sales Funnels

We live in an abundant world of choice.Choice, that – to most – would appear to be a good thing.(And the marketing departments of some of the world’s largest corporations seem to agree.)After all, gone are the days of just a few choices of laundry detergent to compare. Or just a couple types of deodorants […]

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Teaching Your Prospects & Clients How To Buy From You

One of the biggest pitfalls in marketing is assuming your prospects and clients know what and how to buy from you. For certain commodities, this may be true. But for most products and services, prospects and clients must be educated on various aspects of your offering. In my own experiences remodeling our most recent home, I’ve […]

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Organizing Your Follow-up And Figuring Out Your Ideal Purchase Path

If you haven’t figured it out, I like coining my own terms — unorthodox ways of thinking about business and marketing that really resonate with people. “Scaling Personal Attention,” “The Orbit,” “Triangle Stack,” and “Follow-Up Pyramid,” are a few. “Ideal Purchase Path” (I.P.P.) is another one. Sure, there are many other labels for it: sales funnel, sales process, […]

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How to Choreograph Your Marketing

In dance, a choreographer’s job is to plan and arrange the dance steps, movements, and patterns so that everyone is in sync. The opposite of choreography would be freestyling. Most businesses approach their marketing and sales process in a “freestyle” manner. They pay for ads (without tracking), get “professional” websites designed without emphasis on sales/lead generation/conversion/metrics… […]

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