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Since becoming Infusionsoft’s “Ultimate Marketer” a few years ago, there has been a high demand for my consulting services. So I’ve decided to follow my own advice, using Pareto’s Principle to limit and select a small group of qualified clients by application only, on a first-come, first-serve basis (see below):

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[quote]What Jermaine taught my team will escalate our revenues easily by 5x… John Assaraf, “The Secret”[/quote]

BY APPLICATION ONLY. Submit application below.

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[/i4w_webform] [i4w_tagset tagid=’200′ autorun=1] [quote style=”boxed”]“What I love about my sports car is the idea that a team of experts hand crafted every inch of it, from design, engineering and development. But imagine if just one man had the brilliance to do all of that and more. That describes the genius of Jermaine’s ideas and strategies. We hired Jermaine to help us design, develop and engineer our funnel, and he is like the ‘Einstein’ of the marketing funnel. His intricate knowledge of automating the marketing funnel while still keeping the human touch intertwined, is his brilliance. He’s a true gentleman and we feel privileged to be his client.”

Ari Galper, Creator of Unlock The Game,[/quote]