Customer Service: Thinking Long Term –

Customer Service: Thinking Long Term

Not long ago we decided to move grandma (the same one who won the piano that got me started off the "Price Is Right" in the 70's) to our second home here in Orange County. And in that decision, we had to rush to paint, fix little things, and lay new carpet. After buying our latest home, we hadn't done absolutely anything at our old place so now was the time.

So I called my carpet lady. She rushed out to take care of me. She proceeded to do her measurements and write up my order. At the end, she did something that she may have regretted (or maybe not). After hearing me complain about the current carpet not being that old, she recommended that I try getting it professionally cleaned and spot-treated first. She said I could keep my order pending and if the cleaning made it look good, I could simply cancel with no hassles or penalties.

That's what I did. And lo and behold, the cleaning did the trick... which meant bad luck for Gina. Should she have kept her mouth shut? Is profit right now always the best choice? Well, here's my take on it and our e-mail conversation:

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