Infusionsoft Users: How To Never Run Out Of Custom Fields –

Infusionsoft Users: How To Never Run Out Of Custom Fields

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  • Toby says:

    Great article.

    Only issue is that Infusionsoft doesn’t allow you have a text area in a form and allow it to append to personal notes. You can only have text fields. So if you are asking for elaboration on the questions you’re asking, they will only be able to type in a single line, not a multi line text area. This is big drawback on this method.

  • J Griggs says:

    It definitely lets you have text area. You can do whatever you want. Simply google the code for text area and make sure the name field stays the same.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s

    < input type=“text” name=“ABC” >


    < textarea name=“ABC” > < /textarea >

    As long as name stays the same as “ABC” the data will go in.

    • Toby says:

      Thanks for your reply Jermaine.

      I don’t completely understand the method you’re referring to.

      I’m referring to when you create a web form in the campaign builder. When you drag the “Other” type from the “Field Snippits” menu, if you set it to be saved in a custom field that is a text area, you get a text area in your form. If you set it to “Append to personal notes” Infusionsoft doesn’t allow it to be a text area. It can only be a single line text field.

      I’ve been on the phone and on chat with Infusionsoft trying to work out solution to this and can’t find one. That’s where I came across this article, by searching Google for a solution.

      We’ve tried using Gravity Forms and the integration with Infusionsoft and that can’t do it.

      As far as I can ascertain, the only way would be through the Infusionsoft API. Is that the method you’re referring to?

      • J Griggs says:


        Once again, your solution is a 5 minute solution.

        Here’s exactly what you do but it will take using the custom html code (not the javascript).

        Step 1: Get your code (html code so you can see each individual field, not the one-line javascript version as you cannot alter that).

        Step 2: Copy the code to your site, page, etc.

        Note: I originally thought your line about it being a single text field was true for the html code but turns out it’s already a textarea just like you want it. No changes needed. Go figure. Here’s an example of my two steps:

        All the best,


        • Toby says:

          That’s ridiculous.

          I called twice and two different people at Infusionsoft were telling me it’s not possible. They said it’s hard coded that way and that the only way could be through the API, but their not trained in that.

          Not that I see it, it’s such a simple solution.

          Thanks so much Jermaine. Very much appreciated.

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