Years after winning "Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Of The Year,"
Jermaine Griggs finally breaks his silence & shares breakthrough, never-before-seen strategies, tactics, tricks, & secret tools to...

Double Conversions, Lengthen Customer LifeCycle, & Skyrocket Lifetime Value & Profits Faster Than You've Ever Imagined

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In the first video, you'll discover:

  • Why you should be tracking, and more importantly, counting various activities and the dramatic effect this information has on the timing and conversion of offers.
  • The easiest "no programmer" way to start scoring activities and how to use the score to determine future communications (e.g. - Imagine being able to e-mail every paid member who is about to cross the 30-day mark but has only logged in once?).
  • What exactly to track and how to set up actions to fire the minute customers and prospects pass predefined thresholds. Very powerful!
  • Two step-by-step methods to start tracking and counting activities an hour from now! Guaranteed.