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10 Infusionsoft Commandments For Maximum Effectiveness

A client recently asked about my personal best practices for Infusionsoft. So I’ve decided to organize them into what I’m calling my “10 Infusionsoft Commandments.” I’m pretty sure this list isn’t exhaustive but will provide you with a nice little perspective on how I approach marketing automation with the app.


Commandment #1 – “Thou Shalt Collect As Much Data As Possible”

Your marketing communications are only as good as what you know about your prospects and customers. If you want to scale while keeping the “personal touch,” use your leveraged ears to listen to your prospects. In Infusionsoft, your ears are tags.”

Tags are labels you place on a contact’s record every time they do or tell you something. And unlike human filters and faulty memories, tags will always be there as reminders (during live human interaction) or as criteria to be used in conditions to send the right message to the right person at the right time.


Commandment #2 – “Thou Shalt Track Every Click”

You should rarely be using the regular hyperlink tool in Infusionsoft. I only use it when pressed for time. And even then, I vow to correct it later.

Every link sent in an e-mail should be an automation link. How else will you know if they have clicked? (Sure, if you’re a savvy user, you may run some type of page loading script that can run actions when they hit your landing page, but for most people, automation links are the way to go).

Automation links are powerful because you can run actions when the user clicks on them. For starters, you can tag them “Clicked E-mail XYZ.” This tag alone can be used to determine if they should receive a second or third follow-up reminding them to take the desired action. If they’ve gotten the tag, you can simply take another approach since they’ve clearly clicked but haven’t bought. Not tracking this sort of activity is a grave mistake.


Commandment #3 – “Thou Shalt Use Conditions For Most E-mails”

Sure, some e-mails are meant for all prospects in a particular sequence. But if all your e-mails are being sent to all prospects, you’re probably not harnessing the full power of Infusionsoft.

If you’re adhering to this commandment, your sequences will hardly ever have steps labeled, “Send An E-mail.” Instead, they’ll use the “Run Some Actions” step instead. Why? Because, you can’t run conditions on the former. But if you choose, “Run Some Actions,” and simply place the same e-mail inside the action set, you’ll notice a magical little button underneath it that says: “Only run this action when certain rules are met.”

This simple checkbox, “Only run this action when certain rules are met,” is the heart of my follow-up strategy. It allows you to make certain rules that must be true in order for the prospect to receive the step. One example might be sending an e-mail to everyone who clicked the last e-mail. You’d simply create a rule (aka – “condition”) that says: “must have ‘clicked xyz e-mail’ tag.”

Without conditions, my philosophy of “scaling personal attention” would be impossible.

[box type=”info” border=”full”]The screenshot above is from “legacy” follow up sequences. Depending on when you’ve joined Infusionsoft, you may not have access to legacy features like this. While I enjoy the new campaign builder, there are certain things for which I still exclusively depend on legacy sequences. If you don’t notice these options under “Marketing > Legacy,” you can request the activation of legacy follow up sequences and web forms in your account by contacting Infusionsoft support. [/box]


Commandment #4 – “Thou Shalt Incorporate Other Marketing Channels”

If you’re like me, the affordable cost of e-mail marketing is most definitely appealing to you. But as I had to learn, effective marketing is never an outright expense, only an investment. Using Infusionsoft only for e-mail marketing is like having a Ferrari parked in the garage everyday. You’ve got a beautiful, exotic car that’s not being driven like it should.

The power of Infusionsoft is that it can integrate just about every marketing channel you’ll need. If generating leads online, e-mail communications will get the conversation started. But at some point, either through an “Address Getting Offer” or other means, you’ll get their address and start following up offline. If you’re like me, you’re giving them a reason to give you their mobile number right upfront (to join my free “Monday Music Minute” Tip-Of-The-Week mobile club, which sends up to 3 years worth of automated text messages every Monday).

When they’ve passed a certain threshold, you can even create an automatic task that appears in your sales rep’s dashboard instructing them to call the client to move them forward.

The point is: E-mail is no longer enough. Especially in this new economy. The marketer who surrounds prospects and customers with what I’ve coined, “360 Degree Marketing” will win.


Commandment #5 – “Thou Shalt Limit Number of Front End Follow Up Sequences”

When you have too many front end sequences, you’ll soon end up with a single prospect on 10 concurrent sequences receiving an uncontrollable amount of e-mails.

On the other hand, when you use few front end sequences (which are executed from a web form the user submits), you can better control exactly which sequences they get on and how often they are communicated with. This is not to say you’re not taking advantage of the Infusionsoft follow-up machine. You’re just being a little more strategic with how users get on each follow-up sequence.

I’ll talk about my Follow-Up Pyramid concept one day (so far, limited to consulting clients) but it includes starting users at a base level follow up sequence, which limits frequent communication. Then, once the prospect has proven themselves to be interested in your material (by the number of tags they have accumulated by clicking links), you can bump them up to the next follow up sequence, which increases the frequency of communications. Once they’ve passed another threshold, they are bumped up to a more frequent, more aggressive follow-up sequence. All the way up to a fifth level (Pareto’s Top 20% group), which may communicate with them every 1-3 days.

Remember, an uninterested prospect will never want to hear from you and your marketing should never be based on this “bottom of the pyramid” group. Conversely, you may find that a rabid customer can’t get enough of you!

The lesson here is that the ascension all happens in the backend. They start with preferably ONE front end sequence but eventually rise to the top, 4 sequences later. Replicate this concept in every major funnel (lead, customer, fan) and watch your profits soar.


Commandment #6 – “Thou Shalt Never Let Technology Limit Goals”

Perhaps you’ve heard of all the neat things Infusionsoft can do outside of its core functionality, but you’re afraid to explore the API (which is basically what allows Infusionsoft to talk to outside services and websites). In fact, I still can’t fully explain API. All I know is my programmer knows how to build stuff that works with it.

For example, I wanted to be able to store how much a customer has spent in a custom field. I wasn’t satisfied with only seeing it in the upper right hand corner. I wanted that same number inside a custom field so that I can use it to determine which customers get direct mail, Starbucks cards, cookies, Cheesecake Factory certificates, and more.

I simply went on vworker.com (others include odesk.com & elance.com) and found someone to make it happen. I copied and pasted the Infusionsoft Developers site to them and a day later, I had a script with instructions on where to use it in my sequence. Bada bing, bada boom!


Commandment #7 – “Thou Shalt Never Waste A Campaign Step”

Just because it’s a step in your follow-up sequence doesn’t mean it will get opened, read, or clicked. Never before in all of human history has your prospect been this distracted, interrupted, and stretched. To waste a step that didn’t even get seen is a huge error.

Going back to commandment #2, if you’ve tracked every click, you’ll know exactly what they’ve done, or lack thereof. If you want to change up the headline of the step, go ahead. But I’m here to tell you that in most cases, that isn’t necessary. You simply create another step a few weeks in the future but choose the same action set from the drop down rather than creating a new one. Now you’ve got the same action set running on, say, day 10 and day 40. Just make sure the e-mail is conditioned upon them NOT having the appropriate tag for clicking on that particular link.


Commandment #8 – “Thou Shalt Not Be Scared Of The Word ‘No'”

My favorite saying is, “The Sale Doesn’t Start Until They Say No.” And it’s true. Everything before that is considered “window shopping” to me. Assuming you’re targeting the right person, when they’ve failed to raise their hands or take you up on your next step should be when the fun starts. That’s when you pull out every creative means of exposing them to another element of your offering.

If e-mail’s not working, move them to a teleseminar. If that doesn’t work (because they are still “tagless”), put them on a live or automated webinar. If they still haven’t moved, send them a direct mail package (assuming you’ve gotten their address or they’re an existing customer). If that doesnt’ work, try a series of online videos to re-educate and indoctrinate. If none of these leveraged communications work, put a live rep on them. But then, at least you’ll know they’ve been exposed to your offering so much that the phone sale can start there rather than in the beginning.

“Bob, this is Jermaine. Hey, you’ve downloaded my report, attended my teleseminar, logged on to my webinar, received my package in the mail — and you still haven’t bought? What’s wrong with you?!?” (believe it or not, the Director of Tennis at my country club has positioned himself as this cool, say-what’s-on-his-mind kinda guy and this is exactly how he comes at me when I’ve failed to schedule more tennis lessons.)

“Are you still serious about your game? Didn’t you say you want to get out there with the big boys one day? Well, what are you doing?” (Michael Chang happens to live in my community and plays at the same club).

Again, the sale doesn’t start until they say no.


Commandment #9 – “Thou Shalt Never Fear E-mailing The Right Person Too Much”

As mentioned in commandment #5, the right person will welcome more frequent e-mails while a single e-mail per month can be too much for the uninterested prospect.

Follow best practices and e-mail compliancy by mailing double opt-ins, making it easy to unsubscribe, and nourishing your list with good content, and you should be fine. Incorporate my follow-up pyramid, which bases frequency of follow-up on  responsiveness, and rest assured that only your highest qualified, most interested and engaged prospects will be hearing from you more often.

Never let whiners and complainers dictate your marketing, that is, unless the complaints are overwhelming. If so, you may need to go back to the drawing board.


Commandment #10 – “Thou Shalt Ascend Customers”

The real profits come from repeat, rabid fans. In fact, Vilfredo Pareto taught us just how skewed the relationship between cause and effect really is. Simply put, a relatively small percentage of customers will make up the bulk of your revenues and an even smaller percentage will be largely responsible for most of your profits.

It is the duty of your marketing to systematically identify these prospects and ascend them up your chain of offerings. Through the follow-up pyramid and various buying pattern thresholds (like number of orders, total spent, days since last order, days between repeat orders), you can determine who to spend the most marketing dollars on. If the prospect has bought every product you’ve produced but is yet to join your thousand dollar coaching program, they deserve to receive your best marketing, even if that means taking them offline with a shock n awe package.

Perfect example – to promote his super conference, Dan Kennedy sent a personalized “Wanted: Dead or Alive” campaign in a tubular mailing with a huge bullet inside (consistent with his “Wild Wild West” conference theme). I’ve never forgotten that promotion and  still have it til this day. That’s the power of an expensive “Shock N Awe” direct mail piece targeted at a top client (who he can afford to spend that much because I’ve proven myself):



Break any one of these commandments at your own peril. Embrace them and watch your sales and profits soar.

Until next time,

Jermaine Griggs


  • Bill says:

    You’ve done it again. This is exactly the list of best practices I’ve been looking for. Seems everyone has a way to do things but I love how you’ve summarized it here. Keep it up.


  • drew says:

    Jermaine – great list! My guess is that you are not using the new InfusionSoft Campaign Builder, because I don’t believe we can run action sets (step #2 above) in the new CB … or have you found a way to do this.

    • J Griggs says:

      Drew, thanks for your comment. You just broke Commandment #6 – “Thou Shalt Never Let Technology Limit Goals” (I think I’m gonna love going back to these commandments!!!!!)

      I’m with Brad, Bob, and other expert users in that we are waiting til the Campaign Builder can do everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new mindmapping functionality but until it can do the 90% of things I rely on, I’m a classic/legacy user. I was just on a call with Brad M who expressed similar feeling. With that said, a few people have figured out how to run actions in the new campaign builder. Tyler Garnes has done it in his jailbreak video as well as Jordan at this page: https://trainingvideos.infusiontest.com/app/page/jordans-ninja-trick

      So unless the new campaign builder gives you something that outweighs not being able to the stuff that separates Infusionsoft from everyone else, I wouldn’t be keen on breaking Commandment #6.

      Thanks for the comment and great question.


      • J Griggs says:

        Drew, as I thought about what you said more, I said to myself: “There’s no way you can’t run actions… at least TAGGING folks who take action.” I mean, that would totally defunct the whole thing.

        So here’s how you do it:

        1) In the campaign builder follow up sequence, make your e-mail like normal. Sure you won’t be able to add an automation link directly from the e-mail like we’re used to but that’s ok.

        2) Next, set a goal after that sequence that is reliant on “link clicked.” When you set this goal, it will let you go to the sequence and select all the links that should trigger this goal.

        3) On the other side of the goal, you basically start another sequence and the first thing it does is tag them (as the only way they could have gotten to this sequence is if they clicked that link, which satisfied the goal).

        It’s quite a lot of work just to get a tag on their record. I say legacy for now at least, but that’s up to you! 🙂

        • Kavit Haria says:

          Hey Jermaine

          I’ve only used the campaign builder ever, actually. And I’m finding no problem whatsoever. I’ve experimented with Legacy thanks to your inspiration from this blog.

          I use the decision trigger a LOT and I also use the “Link clicked” indicator a lot. That’s how I track and keep doing things. Would love to show you my campaign; it is REALLY intricate inside the Campaign Builder and most of all, I love the Visual aspect of it all.


          • J Griggs says:

            Agreed. Love the visual aspect of it. And if staying with e-mail and not integrating other services (with http posts), it can accomplish a lot. Perhaps after our interview, I look forward to seeing what you’ve done with it. Maybe I can also showcase a preview of it here.

            All the best,

  • Thank you Jermaine, this is very helpful.

  • Thank you, Jermaine!

    As a new InfusionSoft user, I am finding your posts incredibly generous and helpful.

    And as someone who is also in the music education field (online guitar lessons), I am inspired by how you use InfusionSoft to make magic with your music business, Hear and Play.

    You are my guru AND my hero!

    All best wishes, Lisa McCormick

    • J Griggs says:


      Thanks for your kind comments!

      I knew your name sounded familiar. If this is the same Lisa McCormick from GuitarTricks.com, then you’re my guru too! :-). You may be new to Infusionsoft but not to marketing. You guys have done an amazing job with your model and marketing. I’ve followed you for sure.

      Keep up the great work in your transition to Infusionsoft (smart smart move) and if I can be of further assistance, feel free to inquire.

      All the best,

  • Jermaine! You shared a couple of these commandments on our consulting call yesterday, but the full list is AWESOME!!

    I’m printing it out and putting it up on the board ASAP.

    • J Griggs says:

      Susan, it was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. You are as sharp as they come and I can’t wait to hear what happens after implementation of what we discussed. Like I said on the call, I absolutely LOVE working with folks like you who’ve got their stuff together and just need those extra leverage points to knock it out of the park. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  • Trevor Mauch says:

    Love it Jermaine!

    The one about never wasting a step is a great reminder for me… it’s really easy to let emails go by and send them the next one… when most of us have no clue whether they opened that first one in the first place.

    Great reminder. Thanks!

    – Trevor

    • J Griggs says:

      Right on Trevor… In fact, folks can just use the COMPLETION ACTIONS section to repeat the same nourishment sequence (good for “educative” blog posts). Just making sure every e-mail is put in an action set (commandment #3) so that a condition can be attached to it. The condition is simply: “must not have clicked e-mail XYZ.”

      I know Eben Pagan at http://www.doubleyourdating.com sends like the same e-mails a year later or so. His nourishment e-mails are so long and thorough you can’t remember if you got them in the past or not!!!! (at least I can’t).

      “We” think prospects will say “why are they sending this again” but this isn’t the case. Most haven’t even seen it, read it… and obviously didn’t click if they don’t have the tag. Plus if you have a 6 month to a year sequence that sends really informative information (in between sales messages and promotions), the prospects will hardly remember if you repeated that same sequence next year (skipping e-mails they clicked on, of course). Heck, even the ones who clicked won’t remember! I have a promotion I run every year since 2002 (compliments of the late Corey Rudl) with virtually no changes and it still pulls like crazy.

      Thanks for spotlighting that one Trevor and enjoyed the webinar with you guys sir! Anytime.

      All the best,

      • Kavit Haria says:

        Hi again —

        On your topic of what Campaign Builder can and cannot do… I’ve used it extensively… I’m told I’ve used it probably in the 1% of what users have done with it. And the one thing I haven’t yet found is how to loop sequences. So that’s one for them to think about… and when they come out with it, it’ll blow this out the park.


  • Daryl says:

    I’m always impressed with you Jermaine..

    Thank you.

    Much respect.

  • Debbie Green says:

    Hi Jermaine,

    Loved your talk at InfusionCon, your webinar last week, and this article is fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your information.

    I have a question in regards to Commandment #6. My problem is we were an existing company prior to joining Infusionsoft. We have tags indicating all products a customer has purchased but, of course, no monetary value is assigned to many of our customers tags, since those purchases occurred prior to Infusionsoft. Those tags have dates of 5/29/2010. How would I go about getting a monetary value assigned to those tags? Many purchased at a bundled price, some were show specials, etc. You get my drift.

    • J Griggs says:

      Thank you Debbie for your kind words!

      I love these questions because I went through the SAME thing when switching over and have direct experience in this matter.

      We actually imported over 100,000+ orders into infusionsoft. It’s actually not as hard as you think. We brought over EVERYTHING. I think their data team charged me $400 for this. If you’re moving from 1shoppingcart, consider it open and shut because I moved from 1shoppingcart and I’m here with all my past order data and everything :-). If another ecommerce platform, fields are fields and excel is excel. Infusionsoft’s data team just correlates your old fields to their new ones and even made the skus of the orders tags in Infusionsoft so that was convenient.

      If order history is important to you, I would definitely contact their data team and start the ball rolling. Don’t break commandment #6! 🙂 After the transfer, you’ll love having everything in one place.

      Then you can start running the calculations that we do (frequency, monetary, days between purchases) and MORE IMPORTANTLY, start using that data. I will be releasing the plugins that will make it easy to ping a wordpress script and insert back the data in a field of your choice.

      All the best,

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  • Andrew Lock says:

    Hi Jermaine,

    We met while speaking at Yanik’s Underground a few years back, and you did a phenomenal presentation by the way.

    This post was fantastic information, you have a phenomenal grasp of the advanced features of Infusionsoft, and I’m really impressed with what you’ve done with it.

    I went for a 2 day strategy session with Infusionsoft in the past, and as much as I love those guys, they were totally dependent on me to suggest what I wanted, and sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, as you’ve demonstrated in this post.

    Here, you’re suggesting some amazing ways to better serve customers, and I can see how it has a direct impact on bottom line profits.

    I’m planning to restructure my business so I plan to reach out to you for your help when I get to systems implementation with Infusionsoft.

    Thanks for all you do.



    • J Griggs says:

      Hey Andrew,

      A pleasure to hear from you. Yes, we met at Yanik’s 2007 Underground and I’ve kept up with you ever since. I remember your Ebay strategies (using it as a lead generator) and your video expertise (I believe you were in charge of all his audio/video). Watching your Viatnam episode of “Help! My Business Sucks.” Keep it up Andrew and looking forward to working with you.

      All the best,

  • Wow Jermaine….

    This was an AMAZING post — thank you ever so much for the obvious time and energy and passion you put into creating it….

    And it has come at such an serendipitous time — as myself and my team are currently waist deep into moving everything over to Infusionsoft — ahead of some big plans for this year.

    May I also add – it was a super nice treat to meet you at Infusioncon earlier this year. I know we have been emailing since then — but I just wanted to say publicly here on your blog — what an inspiration you are to many.

    Keep on doing what you do….

    See you in LA real soon,

    Love and bubblebath.

    Chris Farrell

    • J Griggs says:

      Chris, my man. Again, a pleasure meeting you and your team at Infusioncon. And thanks for the gift! Haha, out of everything I shared at infusioncon, I guess my confession, “I’m a bath taking man” was a hit! Welcome to LA soon and looking forward to connecting.


  • Keith Kranc says:

    Hey Jermaine-

    Awesome article – I was also on your last webinar with Infusionsoft but sadly was not able to stay on for the entire webinar, or attend the replay you did.

    Question – For one of my funnels for the fitness niche we are taking people directly to a sales video. However we have separate sales videos dedicated to different types of people (male, female, major fat loss, just muscle toning, etc.). We’re having some pretty cool front end questionnaires built now, but do you know if we create this type of functionality with Infusionsoft? (In this particular funnel we are not asking for email yet, except on the exit re-direct.)

    Like using an opt in form questionnaire, but having the thank you page be dependent on the tags applied on their form?

    Thanks again for the great article!


    • J Griggs says:

      Thanks Keith. We have a script for that too. Basically, you make your thank you page this dynamic script that looks for a hierarchy of rules. You can say if this one particular field (custom field) equals or contains a particular keyword, to redirect to this link. Then you do the next one, then the next one. The final one is your default url. The script goes in order from top to bottom and redirects to the first available. We do this at http://www.cancelprogram.com (to present best series of reactivation offers/upsales depending on program canceled) and other places.

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  • Tom says:

    Jermaine, have you seen the Dog Playing The Piano videos (by sound) on youtube? This one is the best. I can see your headline:

    “If I can do it, you can too!”


    Great post BTW, thx

    • J Griggs says:

      Tom, thanks for sharing. That was amazing and definitely can be used in one capacity or another at hearandplay.com!

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  • dotjenna says:

    This is kicking!!! You said alot of things I have been wanting to say, but couldn’t spit out… And a bunch of things I needed to learn. Thanks so much!!!

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  • We are a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme
    in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable info to work on.

    You’ve done an impressive process and our whole group will be thankful to you.

  • Jonny says:

    Hi Jermaine,
    Love your 10 commandments. You have played a significant role in me signing up to Infusionsoft. Im also a GKIC member and have seen your name and info pop up. I run a Music School in Australia. Ive been signed up to Infusionsoft for sometime now and am having trouble making the final move to infusionsoft. My current software Studio Helper allows me to run calendar schedules for my teachers and also allows me to have parents and children on the same customer record. Infusionsoft does neither of these things. As someone that works within the industry can you recommend a way to bring this all together?

    Jonny Gardiner

  • Rene says:

    Good morning, Jermaine,
    Top of the day! Thank you for the powerful information from you video series. I am not an Infusionsoft user yet. How do I purchase the program from you? As I am sure you know, I have clicked on the Infusionsoft tab on your site. Do I purchase directly from Infusionsoft’s site? I wanted to be sure you received the commission. Let me know your thoughts. Have an AWESOME rest of the week! Best regards, René

  • >