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On Taking Immediate Action

I'm often asked how I get so much done. And the answer is simple: I take immediate action while the desire and idea is hot.

Jim Rohn says it best in his book, Leading An Inspired Life, when he writes: "Discipline is a constant awareness of the need for action paired with a conscious act to implement that action." Most of us have got the awareness down. We KNOW what we need to do. There is usually no shortage of ideas. Where we fall short is in implementing and taking action. We procrastinate.

In the same book, Rohn goes on to say: "But if considerable time passes between the moment of awareness and the time of our implementation, that is called procrastination, putting off until tomorrow what can be done today."

Simply put, once I put my mind to it, I jump in with both feet because if I wait a month, a week, or even a few days, I understand how easy it is to lose desire. The idea doesn't lose merit but for some reason, out of sight, out of mind.

For me, an idea came on the way back from InfusionCon 2012. While I've been marketing online for 12 years and have done just about everything under the sun, I got the urge to return to the marketing space, showing people what I've learned about marketing automation and strategic follow-up. I guess, after shaking 500 hands and having almost every one of them tell me I should be teaching this stuff formally, I had to listen. Even after winning Ultimate Marketer in 2011, I ran from the "calling."

Sure, I've consulted under no particular banner but my own name for years and have spoken on dozens and dozens of stages from Corey Rudl's events back in the day (I did a 22-city tour for him in 2004-2005) to Big Seminar, from Marketing Sherpa's E-mail Summit to Yanik Silver's Underground (where I took "Marketer of The Year 2007"). But for the longest, at least for the last 5 years, I've lacked an official "home" on the marketing side. In fact, I've simply gotten used to being "Jermaine Griggs from HearandPlay.com."

Well, April 11, I decided to change this. I registered AutomationClinic.com and went to work. By the end of that same day, I had my wootheme design picked out for wordpress.  By the next day, I had my logo being created on 99designs.com. By April 14, I had written my first blog post. By April 20, I had written and released my 26-pg free report, which has received rave reviews. By April 22, I had written 12 blog posts, 8 articles, assembled related videos, interviews, and resources, contacted potential partners to mail my report, did an interview with Andrew Warner at Mixergy.com, got booked to be a guest presenter on an upcoming Infusionsoft Mastermind Webinar, agreed to be a guest writer on Infusionsoft's blog, and had 4 scheduled meetings with key figures at their company. By May 3, I was receiving back my first $10,000.00 consulting client contract as a direct result of my free report. And since then, I've received a couple dozen inquiries, which have turned into 7 equally highend clients already. This is all within the first 3 weeks of making the decision.

The money is not the point. Hearandplay.com keeps me pretty satisfied. The point goes back to what Rohn said about becoming aware of the need for action but not stopping there... actually pairing that awareness with the conscious act to implement. To take action.

When you set out to do something and you actually do it, the direct result like money earned is just the bonus. What it does for your self image, self esteem, and confidence is invaluable. It's a message to your subconscious that you are reliable, consistent, and achieve what you set out for. And while affirmations are great, nothing beats proving to yourself what you are capable of by simply DOING IT.

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What is the richest place on earth? This place of endless riches is not in the Middle East, where there’s rich black gold buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface — nor is this place in South Africa where there is a plethora of diamond mines. The wealthiest place in the world is a cemetery. Now one would ask, “For what justifiable reason is the wealthiest place in the world a cemetery?” Simply put, in a cemetery, you will find that there are books that were never written. There are songs that were never sung. There are ideas that were never acted upon — dreams that were long forgotten. If one were to die today, then what ideas and what aspirations would die with him or her? And the immediate contingencies that relied on the survival of such a reverie would eventually perish with the evanescing dream.

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