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10 Infusionsoft Commandments For Maximum Effectiveness

A client recently asked about my personal best practices for Infusionsoft. So I’ve decided to organize them into what I’m calling my “10 Infusionsoft Commandments.” I’m pretty sure this list isn’t exhaustive but will provide you with a nice little perspective on how I approach marketing automation with the app.   Commandment #1 – “Thou Shalt Collect […]

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Scaling Personal Attention

I’ve heard many definitions and philosophies of marketing automation, but mine is is simply, “Scaling Personal Attention.” It is the act of using technology to scale what appears to be real, human interaction. What seems inherently robotic (the term “automation” doesn’t help) is actually quite the opposite with this philosophy. When done right, it accomplishes […]

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On Taking Immediate Action

I’m often asked how I get so much done. And the answer is simple: I take immediate action while the desire and idea is hot. Jim Rohn says it best in his book, Leading An Inspired Life, when he writes: “Discipline is a constant awareness of the need for action paired with a conscious act to […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Automated Voice Broadcasting

My own personal philosophy and definition of marketing automation is “scaling personal attention.” I believe nothing is a true substitute for live human interaction. The only problem is: It isn’t scalable. Unless you take care of the upper end of your market and your price points warrant personal attention, you’ll need to find a way to use […]

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The Presentation That Won Me Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer 2011

I know this is old but I just discovered the video recording of my 2011 Infusioncon presentation on vimeo so I thought I’d share it here. This was the presentation that won me “Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer 2011” and is packed with tons of strategic marketing and automation principles and techniques. Enjoy! Short interview after finding […]

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