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How To Automate Listening

It’s no surprise that face-to-face and phone sales trump other channels of communication (i.e. – web, direct mail, social media, etc). One of the obvious reasons is the unique ability to “listen” to how the prospect is responding to your proposition. Specifically, face-to-face takes it a step further and allows you to observe the nonverbal […]

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How to Choreograph Your Marketing

In dance, a choreographer’s job is to plan and arrange the dance steps, movements, and patterns so that everyone is in sync. The opposite of choreography would be freestyling. Most businesses approach their marketing and sales process in a “freestyle” manner. They pay for ads (without tracking), get “professional” websites designed without emphasis on sales/lead generation/conversion/metrics… […]

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The Power Of Sequentialism

In making sure “sequentialism” was indeed a word, I discovered in my research that it’s actually a philosophy that has implications in everything from politics to church planning. While I’m no expert in the philosophical aspect, I would like to shed some light on how sequentialism in your business practices can save you time and […]

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Using Follow-Up To Reverse Roles

In my experience, the worst thing you can do is “chase” a customer. Sure, it seems a little counter-intuitive considering most sales are generated in the follow-up. I’m not arguing the importance and effectiveness of follow up. In fact, I discuss why it’s vital here. You may have even seen statistics that reveal something like 80% […]

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Are You Making It Too Hard To Do Business With You?

A buddy sent this to me on facebook and while I don’t normally post things like this, I found this “looking for work” craigslist ad pretty hilarious and want to spotlight the business implications.  Could probably also post this to my Hearandplay folks and get a good laugh. But it poses the serious question: “Are […]

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