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Why You Must Follow Up With Prospects

Studies have shown it takes at least 7 exposures to your message for prospects to even “consider” your offer. Not act favorably. Merely consider.  According to Chet Holmes in his book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” only 3% of people are in “ready to buy now” mode. Another 6-7% are open to buying. The remaining 90% divide […]

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If They Don’t Consume, You Don’t Get Paid Again

It is a dire mistake to assume just because someone buys your product, it will be consumed. The sad reality is most people don’t consume the products they purchase. Some industries play to this and thus rely largely on one-time sales instead of repeat purchases. Like the fitness industry — most design their workout equipment to […]

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10 Infusionsoft Commandments For Maximum Effectiveness

A client recently asked about my personal best practices for Infusionsoft. So I’ve decided to organize them into what I’m calling my “10 Infusionsoft Commandments.” I’m pretty sure this list isn’t exhaustive but will provide you with a nice little perspective on how I approach marketing automation with the app.   Commandment #1 – “Thou Shalt Collect […]

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Recycling Steps In Your Sequence For Maximum Effectiveness

[i4w_individualized_greeting textparm=’there’] are many reasons you’d want to recycle steps in your [contentblock id=13 img=html.png]. One reason might be if they haven’t taken the necessary action in an e-mail. It’s a grave error to assume they are not interested just because they don’t click. People have busy lives and sometimes your messages are simply overlooked. […]

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Scared To Charge More? Check This Out!

I’m a big advocate of charging what you’re worth and refusing to play “follow-the-leader” or fight price wars in your market. Going for the lowest price is just another way of saying you’re not willing or able to be the better marketer. Sure, a small amount of folks buy on price alone but it’s not […]

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