Peter Drucker On “Efficiency vs. Effectiveness” –

Peter Drucker On “Efficiency vs. Effectiveness”

This post is short and sweet. After recently completing my free 26-pg report, "How To Harness The Power Of Automation To Make More While Working Less" (found at the top of every page), I've decided to take small excerpts from it to spotlight here. This one is a concept I first read in 2005 that has stuck with me ever since. Hope it helps you.

Are you mistaking activity for productivity?

Many entrepreneurs feel in the zone when busy and active. They feel like they’re getting things done. Peter Drucker, in his book, The Effective Executive, draws a distinction between efficiency and effectiveness. He says: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

As entrepreneurs, we can’t assume just because we do things well that we ought to be doing those things. Being effective requires knowing where to focus and consequently automating, outsourcing, and relegating everything else.

​​In one of his programs, I heard Jim Rohn say, "Just because you can, should you?"

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