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Who This Is For

You've attempted to generate clients in an automated, predictable way online but have constantly fallen short of your goals.

You've become a slave to your business and need systems (despite making good money, but you and your team are doing less important, less profitable "reactive" tasks).

You know that having the right systems in place can be HUGE for your business but you just don’t know where to begin.

Who This Isn't For

This isn't for people who procrastinate and aren't yet serious about growing their business.

People looking to “Get Rich Quick”, “Push Button” riches or a "fake it till you make it".

People who don’t have an established business.



Step 1: Complete Application

The first step before you begin is to complete and submit your Application form online by selecting the Complete The Application button below.

Our team will review your application and notify you if you qualify for the business assessment.

Step 2: Business Assessment

The Business Assessment is an objective examination and evaluation of your business to make sure that we can help take your business to the next level. The assessment will be conducted via phone interview and internally by my team.

Note: This is not a sales call, we cannot work with everyone who applies. This call is to determine whether or not we are a good fit to work together.

Step 3: Become An Exclusive Client

If you are approved to become a client, the next step of the process is gathering all of your assets and gaining a deeper understanding of your customer Avatar.

Step 4: Creating a Game Plan

Once we understand who your Avatar is, we'll look at the data to uncover which systems will help you grow most. Then we architect the perfect customer journey to nurture and turn your prospects into raving customers.

Step 5: Building Your Systems

This is where the magic happens. Our "Done For You" team will build the systems that will increase sales and conversions through date-based automation, recurring events, automated deadlines, and date-triggered processes.

This is our secret sauce to improve customer retention, lower cancellations, decrease spam complaints, and ultimately increase engagement.

Step 6: Optimizing For Growth

The final step is setting you up for success. We'll give you all the tools needed to thrive online. We'll cover everything from lifecycle metrics over time, the Customer Health Grid (CHG), delta analysis, recency & frequency tracking, A/B split tagging, random actions & automated control groups, Hawthorne Effect, Promotion Tracking, optimization, and more.


Jermaine Griggs founded at 17-years old in his grandma's one-bedroom inner city apartment. He had no idea his $70 investment would turn into a multi-million dollar business teaching tens of thousands how to play and enjoy music by ear.

While in college studying Law & Criminology, Jermaine relied heavily on automated follow-up and marketing processes to run his business while he made good on a promise to his family to graduate school. What resulted was a unique automation strategy and philosophy that he follows religiously til' this day.

As a result of his success and uncanny ability to mesmerize audiences, Jermaine started attracting the attention of the business world. He's been featured on Msn, Yahoo, Kiplinger, D&B, Aetna's Innovators, Msnbc, and more. In 2011, he was awarded Infusionsoft's "Ultimate Marketer of the Year" and teaches entrepreneurs how to repeat his success by working smarter and not harder.

Jermaine is married to his high school sweetheart of 17 years, has 3 children, and they recently returned from a voyage around the world to 36 countries. He resides in Orange County, CA.

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