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Tutorial: How To Use Infusionsoft Automation Links (Video)

In my 10 Infusionsoft Commandments, I talk about tracking every click. In fact, and I quote: “you should rarely be using the regular hyperlink tool in Infusionsoft. I only use it when pressed for time. And even then, I vow to correct it later.”

“Every link sent in an e-mail should be an automation link. How else will you know if they have clicked? (Sure, if you’re a savvy user, you may run some type of page loading script that can run actions when they hit your landing page, but for most people, automation links are the way to go).”

“Automation links are powerful because you can run actions when the user clicks on them. For starters, you can tag them “Clicked E-mail XYZ.” This tag alone can be used to determine if they should receive a second or third follow-up reminding them to take the desired action. If they’ve gotten the tag, you can simply take another approach since they’ve clearly clicked but haven’t bought. Not tracking this sort of activity is a grave mistake.”

If you’re not tracking every link, check out my video tutorial below (use full screen mode):

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  • Nick says:

    Great stuff Jermaine, thanks for sharing these tips and the easy to follow demo.

  • Sandy says:

    I would love to implement infusionsoft in our business but the learning curve is SO daunting that I don’t have the time, nor currently the funds to outsource it to a VA or specialist. I wish they would simplify the learning curve. Perhaps they have (I looked at it in 2010)?

    • J Griggs says:

      Sandy, they’ve come a LONG way since 2010. The campaign builder alone takes every separate function you had to master previously and puts it all on one screen in a visual way. Now you’re dragging out circles and rectangles and you can see your entire process right in front of you. I’d search on youtube for “infusionsoft campaign builder” and check out some of the examples/tutorials.


  • Daniel Comp says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Seeing BOTH sides of the ‘builder’ and automation link usage/creation helped. Usually I find just one or the other. Much appreciated.

  • Jermaine, this is an old post but I’m curious about a best practice for using automation links in the campaign builder. Unless I’m blind, the automation link functionality is completely missing from campaign builder emails. Do you just copy it from elsewhere?

    • J Griggs says:

      Hey John,

      Great question!

      Actions aren’t missing in campaign builder. It’s just a different thought process. While you could place every subsequent action you wanted to execute in an automation link, now the clicking of a link satisfies a GOAL (could be a “tag applied” goal because the click applies a tag… could be a “link clicked” goal where you choose the specific link that satisfies it). At any rate, the satisfying of the goal then causes the campaign to start another sequence. That sequence has the actions (tags, e-mails, tasks, anything else) you’d normally throw in your automation link. “Goal –> Sequence” is the new automation link.

      Hope that makes sense.


      P.S. – I miss automation links and sometimes the “goal –> sequence” seems to take longer. But there are many visual and functional benefits to campaign builder that make the transition worthwhile.

      • Thanks Jermaine, but isn’t there still some functionality missing? Like being able to make an order happen from a link click. I started in IS before campaign builder and keep finding things that I can’t do in campaign builder that I could with the old stuff.
        I LOVE the campaign builder, but there are always gaps.

        • J Griggs says:

          I’m with ya. In my peak potential profits course, we still venture into legacy quite a bit because of functionality that just isn’t inside campaign builder. So we find ourselves using the legacy action set in campaign builder and creating our orders inside there. Or if we want some inner-sequence segmentation, we’ll pop an e-mail inside a legacy action set and check the box to only run actions if certain rules are met. There’s a few more things as well. As long as those gaps are there, I don’t see legacy going away any time soon.

          Thanks John for your comments.


  • Jenny says:

    Thank you so much! It helped me a lot!

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